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Sacramento Thanksgiving Guide


The Sacramento Thanksgiving Guide will help you find restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinners as well as ideas on what to do on this holiday.

Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinners

Thanksgiving can be a very time consuming holiday. From planning the menu, to defrosting the turkey to making dessert to even shucking the oysters, family cooks can take days to prepare this grand meal. If you would rather relax on this holiday, why not eat out?

Thanksgiving Take Out Meals

OK, perhaps spending your Thanksgiving meal with a bunch of strangers in a restaurant isn't your ideal way to spend this holiday. Yet, you still do not want to cook at home. Well, here's your solution - Thanksgiving take out meals.

Prepared Thanksgiving Dinners

Folks with busy schedules can get help to put a Thanksgiving dinner on the table by ordering in advance complete, or nearly complete, meals at area grocery stores. These meal in a box can include a main course, several side dishes, bread and dessert. All you have to do is call in your order, pick it up, and put it on a pretty plate. Your guests may never know you didn't cook your meal.

Runnng to Feed The Hungry

Jump start your metabolism and help out needy families with annual Thanksgiving day run/walk events in the area.

Volunteering In Sacramento

People usually think about volunteering during the holidays. Use this guide to find out what organizations need your help.

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