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Where to Watch the Superbowl in Sacramento

Top bars and restaurants to cheer on your favorite team


Where to Watch the Superbowl in Sacramento

Root for the home team at a local bar airing the Superbowl.

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Figuring out where to watch the Superbowl in Sacramento is always a big decision. But this year (2014), the food and location should be top of the line since many of us are still healing from the Niners' recent defeat which took them out of the running for this year's big game. No matter which team you choose as your second favorite to cheer on this year. The Super Bowl is happening on Sunday, Feb 2. Don't be caught without somewhere to be at kickoff! 

Club Raven

3246 J St.

Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 447-8142

Open Sundays 9am-1am

Local sports are big at this charming bar that includes reasonable drink prices and a friendly staff. Enjoy free popcorn during any game, and make it your go-to destination when you watch the Superbowl in Sacramento.

Cheaters Sports Bar

3221 Folsom Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 736-0563

Cheaters has been around longer than the majority of bars and clubs in Sacramento, so this tends to be a great spot for those who are older. This traditional bar atmosphere features plenty of specials and camaraderie on Super Bowl Sunday.

MVP's Sports Grill

2110 L St

Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 441-4151

Right in the heart of downtown, this Sacramento bar is great for those who actually want to watch the game. Flat screen monitors are in abundance and a second floor helps dissipate crowds. The intimate atmosphere in this surprisingly spacious bar makes it a popular choice in Sacramento to watch the Super Bowl.

Mark's Sports Bar

303 Iron Point Road

Folsom, CA 95630

(916) 357-5567

Mark's in Folsom includes six DirectTV satellite feeds, a variety of 12 beers plus wines and other spirits. For those coming along but not too enthused about football, video games and a pool table are available for entertainment. Mark's features a large outdoor patio that's ideal for escaping crowds and cooling down when the game action gets too hot.

R15 Bar

1403 28th Street


This posh bar on the R Street corridor in downtown Sacramento is ideal for young urbanites looking to take in some football. Four pool tables, fourteen 42-inch flat screen TVS and every cable sports channel available, you can opt to watch the Superbowl in Sacramento luxury. Choose from the bar itself, a "living room" with a personal plasma monitor and couch, or reserve the SKYYBox on the second floor for a private party.


705 J Street


916 442 1268

While primarily a bar where people come to watch fights, football is also popular this time of year. This is certainly going to be a popular destination in Sacramento on Superbowl day. Plenty of food options are on the Shenanigans menu, as well as regular drink specials and a friendly staff. Play some pool, cheer for your chosen team and have a great Superbowl in Sacramento.

If a bar or club is not your scene, throwing your own Superbowl party in Sacramento is a great option. Host at your own home or reserve a private room at your favorite restaurant. Great possibilities include:

· Mikuni

· Tex Wasabi

· Applebee's

· Hooters

· Chili's

· The Porch

· Grange

You may also consider watching the Superbowl in Sacramento via a neighborhood block party. Bring out lawn chairs, BBQ and televisions - as well as plenty of blankets, as it's still February after all!

For those who don't really want to watch the Superbowl, consider an un-Superbowl party. Roll out the snacks and deck out the house in the rivaling teams' colors - but don't bother turning on the game. Some viewing options include:

· Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on ABC Family

· Puppy Bowl X on Animal Planet

· Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon on Bravo

· Groundhog Day on CMT

· Sex and the City maraton on E! 

You don't have to watch the game to have a great time in Sacramento on February 2, however if you are a football fan, rest assured you have plenty of great options for viewing  with plenty of other fans.

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