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Sacramento Average Weather


Sacramento has mostly pleasant mild weather all year long.

Rain occurs during the winter and spring seasons, starting in November, peaking in January and starting to fade in February. Luckily Sacramento is surrounded by mountains that shelter the region from harsh storms, although there are occasional thunderstorms. Heavy rain can also occur causing some residents to be weary of flooding of area levees.

There has been some occasional tornadoes during these months, like the one that touched down and caused some damage in North Natomas in February 2005.

Although Sacramento is not the City by the Bay, this area is susceptible to dense fog that occurs usually during winter mornings and can dissipate by mid-morning. Interestingly enough, this dense fog can be centralized in depressed areas causing limited visibility in some parks and ponds, while the roads around it can be clearer.

Summers are mostly sunny all season long with warm weather days and cooler nights from the Delta breeze coming from the San Francisco Bay. Downtown and Midtown residents can find some reprieve in the summer days by walking under the canopies of their tree-lined neighborhoods that can reduce the harshness from the sun.

Sacramento summers can be hot, hot, hot. So it’s unimaginable that it can get any hotter and it does with summer heat waves.

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