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Labor Day Events in Sacramento

A Weekend of Fun as We Say Goodbye to Summer


Labor Day Events in Sacramento

A flag billows in the Sacramento breeze during a previous Labor Day weekend

Image courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker

Labor Day weekend is always extra fun in Sacramento due to our city’s rich history. From the gold rush to becoming state capitol, Sacramento has plenty of culture and charm that gives it a great hometown America feel. The 13th Annual Gold Rush Days are the main feature during this long weekend, and families are sure to get quite a treat when they head on over to Old Sacramento this time of year.

Labor Day Weekend: Sacramento Gold Rush Style

With free admission, the 13th annual Gold Rush Days in Old Sacramento run for all of Labor Day weekend – August 31 – September 3. Guests of all ages are invited to be transported back to the days of gold panning glory as hundreds of tons of dirt are dumped onto the streets of Old Sacramento to bring the look of the 1850s back to the region. You’ll be immersed in the world gone by as hundreds of performers come to entertain and interact with all of the new folks in town.

All of the usual stores in Old Sacramento will be open for business during Gold Rush Days, but this Labor Day weekend comes with a bonus of fun ranging from street dramas and dancers to craft making and wagon rides.

There are many more activities to enjoy including:

· Wagon rides

· An artisan alley

· Old time fire brigade

· Side saddle riders

· Medicine wagon

· Yesteryears Dancers

· Embarcadero Tent City

· Trick roping

· Stick pony races

· Wells Fargo stagecoach

· Pony Express recruitment

· Street raising rally

· Gunfights

· Bowling pioneer style

· Civil War drums and drills

· Pony rides (requires ticket)

· Parade of historic wagons

· Quilters

· Train rides and Hornblower cruises (requires tickets)

· Schoolhouse field trips for students

· Embroidery lessons on cross-stitch

· Woodcarving lessons on bars of soap

· Handkerchief doll making

· Tom Sawyer Day – children are invited to paint a picket fence

· Multiple musicians, bands, dancers and actors on multiple stages throughout Old Sacramento.

One thing is for certain – with Gold Rush Days, your 2012 Labor Day in Sacramento is far from boring!

Other Places to Settle

Not feeling at home in Old Sacramento? Hitch up your wagon onward toward these more modern events happening Labor Day weekend in Sacramento.

The Sacramento Greek Festival is happening at the Sacramento Convention Center on August 21 through September 2. Experience Greek food, dance and culture in this lighthearted series of celebrations. The Greek Festival is currently in its 49th year.

Celebrate an entirely different culture at the One Love One Heart reggae music festival at Rio Ramaza Marina. Everyone in attendance is invited to take in a diverse collection of music, dance and food specialties. The festival makes a point to be family friendly and focuses on celebrating diversity above all else.

Labor Day weekend in Sacramento is also a great time to check out a variety of museums throughout the city. Many avoid galleries, zoos and playgrounds out of fear of crowds, while others head out of town – which makes it the perfect opportunity to take in a bit of your hometown in ways you haven’t for years.

Check out the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center’s brand new exhibit – The Bone Zone – opening September 1. Kids learn about the human skeleton in a variety of fun, educational and kooky ways including a role playing Healthy Bones Diner. Kids can create a glow-in-the-dark skeleton necklace to take home during this commemorative weekend.

Other local sites with special kids’ events over the Labor Day weekend include Funderland, Fairytale Town, the Crocker Museum of Art and the annual Chalk It Up! event at Fremont Park.

There are so many options during the Labor Day weekend in Sacramento that you may end up just staying at home enjoying your air conditioning and Netflix. But if you’re down for making the commitment to something truly fun and innovative, you can rest assured you live in the right city to make some great memories as summer winds down.

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